Monthly Archives: October 2022

Husbands, Love your wife!

God’s word says we are to love our wives, as our own bodies. What a high calling He gives us! Yet, if I’m honest, loving her seems to be the easy part. I can listen to her & hopefully fulfill her needs. Yet, when things get tough, I start to question myself. Don’t let the enemy fill you with thoughts of inadequacy. Listen to your wife! Janie reminds me daily that she sees God in me. Although, I may be reluctant to believe her at times, no one knows me like she does. And when I’m feeling less than, I’m thankful to have her to remind me that I am leading our family well. That they see Jesus in me. That God is the anchor in each of our lives. So, go live your life! Pursue Christ & see what happens. You will be sustained & fulfilled.

Being Thankful…

Today, I am thankful for my spouse loving me, through the good times and the bad times. I am most thankful that we both love the Lord. I am thankful for the trials and the blessings that have been bestowed upon us, because through each trial, our marital bond is strengthened.

Take time today to be still & thank the Lord for your marriage & your spouse!